The increasing public interests to Evermark’s past and future residential developments continues to gain momentum. Each development through the company’s strident approach in continually critiquing ways and means of improving the project effectiveness. It is their comittment to excel that meets market expectations.

This could not have been achieved without the support of a dedicated core team of whom, collectively over the ten years in the housing business, created a remarkable partnership.This had gained from their close working relationship, extensive market intelligence, knowledge and experience in the design and construction industry.

Their success is contributiable to their understanding of what home buyers need and a passion with the right set of values. Insisting continuity by implementing the high standards, evident in all aspects of their built projects.

Another key associate of the Evermark’s team is ZYJ Group Ltd. The multi award building and construction company given for their medium and high density residential projects. It has significantly, over the seven years, forged a highly respected reputation in the Auckland construction industry.

With an exceptional management team and the experienced team of 140 skilled tradesmen. The workforce’s stable and significant capacity has cemented ZYJ position as the credible, reliable construction company. This has been demonstrated on the many prestigious and high spec projects in the Auckland and Hamilton area. Their ability to overcome the complexities of structural and technical challenges resulting in attaining innovative solutions has been widely admired.

The successful residential developments could not have been achieved without involving the innumerable specialists from project inception, dealing with regulatory bodies through to complex civil works all needed to be managed by the experienced ZYJ team.