Evermark’s design team, headed by OZAC Architects Ltd. is regarded as one of New Zealand’s internationally recognized bespoked, architectural practice. Their partnership with Evermark has grown over the years with both having a united capacity that combines the analytical and the emotional needs that help realizes Evermark’s vision.

The inherent calming influence in the OZAC and Evermark collaborative process play a central role, particulary during the formal planning stages of the development. The creative rigor that necessitates Evermarks continual success is based on the multiple design and construction imperitives that ultimately results in the projects harmonious, spacial order.



In all of the design and construction phases, the team at Evermark have developed a lateral working style which incorporates extensive industry knowledge and inclusive of an open attitude in addressing problems differently and effectively. This simple procedure by the team help optimize the available resources with improved efficiency and economy that heightens the projects viabiity and it’s eventual affordability to market.

Together with industry insight and passion, Evermark continues to explore step outside the limitations of local expectations. The company continues to invest in the possibilities developing diverse residential building types that meets the new thinking and determine how they become part of the surrounding vernacular.

Evermark continues to put emphasis on the importance of ‘place’ and ‘relevance’ in recapitulating the local vernacular. This approach continue to play a central role in extending the conversation for future developments thus ensuring that Evermark’s projects continue to engage, surprise and delight.